"No Friends."

"No Friends."

Everyone is fake.
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I'm right there with you, I only have acquaintances in my life but not a single real friend, not a single person I could trust and its been that way most of my life and yes there is a huge difference between acquaintances and friends. People think they know me and its a little depressing to say but I don't think there's a person out there who knows the real me and at this point in my life I say screw em ...

yaa..me too i do not have any friends..but i always think that why i did not have any friends...sometimes...i really feel so sick...no one to talk,but im living with it.

That with your picture reminds me of the time when I was going to the health club all alone. It was sublime.

i feel the same way :(

Aw shucks. I'll be your friend :)


I hope that your story would prove wrong for me. I still accept make potential friends/friendship here.

Yes. Friends. Evil friends hehehehehe!

It is weird how me and you had similar problems, yet you reacted in an opposite way. By the way, you've got schitzofrenia<br />
Send me a message - I'll try to cheer you up a bit

I've experienced what felt like your multiple personality disorder. There's so much room for WRONG in this life. I haven't been diagnosed with anything except bipolar disorder. I'm just an emotional wreck. I'm not a label. I haven't been diagnosed with schitzofrenia. At least you're hear for me.

One of the important things you have to do, Chaff, is to accept yourself.
I know what it feels like when you hate yourself, when you blame yourself for everything you've done wrong. In my case, sometimes I couldn't even stop myself from doing something I don't like.
But it's you, and you have to live on with yourself. Even when others are away from you, you're still someone who's going to be very close.
And you have to accept the idea that this world is not perfect. And people are not perfect. That's normal.

*Screams:* Why isn't it perfect?!

Religious answer: Because God was too lazy and people sucked too much. Atheistic answer: Because.

People hahahaha

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