I Dont Have Any

friends...  just acquaintances!
cobram cobram
31-35, M
3 Responses Apr 16, 2012

I was just thinking that this morning. i have friends that I play golf with or whatever but don't consider them friends. I have always had a hard time making friends. Sometimes I think I find a friend and we hang out and do things for a while even a year or two and then something always happens to screw it up. Then I figure we weren't really friends at all. Not blaming them cause it seems to be my problem. Maybe I need therapy.... but somehow do not think that works.

I'm sorry to hear this. I am the same now. I did have a couple of very close friends, but one died 7 years ago, (after 31 years of friendship)and the other died last year. (after 56 years of friendship) <br />
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Now, I have family, clients and acquaintances. I love my family, and like my clients and nod to my acquaintances. Nothing like having a TRUE friend. No one to whom I can confide my deepest wishes and fears and resentments, without fear of being judged or rejected because of them. <br />
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It takes work to be a friend, and in order to have a friend, you have to be one. I just don't have the energy to *BE* that kind of friend and work at building a new friendship, anymore.

If you find one true friend i think then life is very good. coz a true honest friend is not easy to find. You are right rest are acquaintances.