I Don't Have Any Friends

I'm a 7th grade student. From my childhood I never had any friends - only for 2, who aren't in my school now,but nor do I have their contact information. Whenever I got friends, how much ever friendly I was, my friends never seemed to like me. They just used me. I'm very good in studies and drawing. Whenever they need to draw something, they would tell me to do so and they'd earn a good name. Whenever they made a mistake, or didn't do something they should, they used me. They blamed me or made me apologize. Even my sister and my mother- they just use me. When my sister wants to draw some thing, or write something, or maybe even need something, she uses me. [She is elder to me] My mother ,in the other hand, she tells me to bring things and do all sort of work. Even though the work she gives isn't something too much, I feel bad -my sister would be watching television or sitting idle -but I'd be supposed to do the work even when doing homework. I don't mind her giving these works, but she always says-''You are worth nothing. You don't know a thing. You are very silly. I can never confide in you for anything.  Nor do you do any work, always sitting idle wasting time. ''I feel very bad when she says such things. Nor do I have a friend to share these things! Never mind.....on4313
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1 Response May 6, 2012

That's horrible! I'll be your friend then!