I've Tried

well... so anytime I've tried to be friends with a another girl they always wind up giving me these little insults... recent morsels include:

you're flat chested
you have no a$$
you're so cute you don't know how to talk to guys, let me show you how hahaha...


I am not flat chested... I have a nice butt... and I definately know how to talk to guys...

wicked harpies
I won't have it. you know. and so I am alone.

what's cute is when they treat me like ****... then try to blame me for not talking to them... and ignoring them.... and make it out like I am the *****... and they go and gossip about me and try to make up all this stuff... BECAUSE THEY NEED TO ..... I DO NOT NEED TO DO THAT TO ANYONE. Besides when one of them gets to me... then I have to vent... which I regret because usually someone idiotic is usually around and they'll just go tell the harpie... everything I said!!!

guys usually I can befriend because they want sex and I can put them in the friend zone and then it's cool

I actually do have 3 really good girl friends they just live over seas now so I never see them anymore.. we email but I mean... it's not the same...
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there's always going to be a lot of politics everywhere. All the things you say, especially the flat chested thing have been said to me to hurt me as well, and then the girls used to enjoy it. I don't even have one friend. The person who I thought was my one and only friend also hurt me really really bad alas with a taunt that 'people make fun of me'. I don't even talk to him anymore. So you're not alone in this. But I can't really figure out why people do this and what kinda satisfaction do they get out of this.

It's OK to feel tired of the crappy nature of the friendships that seem to characterize your life presently. I don't know about EP providing sufficient opportunity for friendship, because we really need "face time" as per the motto in some Dentyne commercials I have encountered over the last few years. People have written to me that the most rewarding way to meet to people is through volunteering, more than exercise clubs and hobby groups. This might be something to consider, if right now you have identified a deficit of meaningful connections to others close to you. I hope the best for you.

thank you so much... this is such a positive message :)

Both Lefty and Stranger have excellent advice for you. EP alone will provide you with some of the smartest friends you will ever find.