Is It Worth To Suffer Fools? - Just To Feel That You Have Someone To Be With.

I am a happily married guy with 3 kids. But I have no friends. I dont know whether it is me or is everyone I meet is from a different planet?

I am a quiet guy. But I know I am a wonderful person who can be a great friend.
This fact makes me more sad because I cant share that part of me with anyone else apart from my family. And I feel we all must have at least one friend.

Someone u can call, hang out with, text randomly and the sort u know.

But in doing so. I wonder whether it is worth the trouble to be with people who are :

> Obnoxious,
> Only talk about themselves and how great they are - when in reality they suffer from an inferiority complex
> Who only call you when they need you - My wife is a doctor. So some people latch on only for free advise and stuff.

We both are doing well in our careers. Do we put off people because of that?

I scream out to the universe to send me ONE -- Just one friend who I can be myself with.
Someone who I don't have to tolerate and be with just so I can satisfy my subconscious mind that I have friends. When the truth is that I hate being with them.

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1 Response Aug 17, 2012

As people get older, the amount of people they meet most likely will become smaller. But honestly, when it comes to friends, don't be picky. Rather, go with the flow. Try to get to know some of the people you have met and will meet. If you have the feeling you won't get along, then don't push yourself to be "friends". It is simple yet difficult. Ah ha a paradox. There is more I want to type but I'm kind of tired. ( 4:00 am here). But I wish you luck. :]