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How Hapless I Am...

Im no longer in my teenage years. Im now in my late 20's. Im hopeless and desperate enough to find best friend in my life. One is enough for me. No preferences in age, color, race or gender... Hope to find one in God's blessings... Tell me what to do with this life !!! Better hang?
HappyguyinAbuDhabi HappyguyinAbuDhabi 26-30, M 3 Responses Aug 27, 2012

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@seatbeltssavelives : thanks a lot. I'm not that hopeless. Maybe it's my fate and I know for sure that there are people out there who have same fate as mine. I am coping very well. I'm happy and and I'm happier to have you as one of my EP friends. Thanks a lot !!!

You are not hopeless at all. Never give up either. Hope you will find what you need & are looking for. Take care.

My good friend, I have sent you some ideas in our private mails!!! Good luck to you in the future!!!!! :)