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The Desire For Simple Human Interaction

Night after night, I sit in my apartment, feeling more alone than the night before. As a college-student, society tells me that I am supposed to be out partying every bit of my self-dignity away, but that's a little difficult when I have no friends in this town. I would love to have a friend and share a cup of coffee together, talk about silly nothings, just like kids my age are supposed to.
bazinga05 bazinga05 18-21, F 1 Response Oct 6, 2012

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Don't let society dictate what you should be doing every night. If you want friends, try making friends at college with people you share classes with. You would be surprised to find that there are many others experiencing the same thing as you.

If it was only that simple! I try every day to spark a conversation with fellow classmates and create a friendship. However, when you are a transfer student at a big university, kids tend to stay to themselves. I'm very social....but it's not working.

A big university can be impersonal. I have taken classes at nearly a dozen universities, and so I can tell you from experience that each has a different culture with varying opportunities for making friends. The problem, therefore, may very well relate to circumstances rather than anything flawed about you. Try moving into a dormitory, rather than living off campus, so as to immerse yourself into a more structured social environment. If that doesn't work, then transfer to a smaller college that has no more than 4,000 students.