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I have 2 friends. 1 is my older "sister" (we aren't really related), but she lives 2 hours away, and one is my fiance, who just got arrested. I'm completely alone now. I don't have anyone to talk to. The one person in the world who could make me smile and laugh like I had a perfect life is now locked up and I'm the reason, and the one person who hung out with me for countless hours and made me feel better when I was sad is 2 hours away and too busy for her little sister. I miss them so much. Everyone else makes fun of me...they laugh at my voice, my height, my laugh, my personality...they just laugh and make fun of me....I was even put in a trash can in high school...I don't know why people hate me....I just wish I could find a friend...
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2 Responses Nov 6, 2012

it's not great to feel alone but a lot of people know what you're going through, including me. it's hard to get through i understand that. i'm still in high school and i pretty much feel like invisible chains have locked me to my bed. it's hard to cope most definitely but finding this in common with someone is probably the ones you should be making friends with. it's probably best to make friends with somebody who knows what you're going through. so if you ever need a talk, i will understand and i will be your FRIEND. stay strong. *hugs*
-hannah xox

I too know how it feels to have nobody, if you want, we can be friends. I know we can't be in person, but I can still be a friend. Much love

That'd be cool, even jut a friend online is still a friend (:

Exactly my dear, although I must warn you in advance, I do tend to call all of my female friends things like "hun, dear, sweetheart" it's just how I am

That's alright (: