What Is A Real Friend?

most of my young life i have not met one person i can call a true friend. I've always felt that i was more caring honest and respectful than almost all of my "acquaintances" . i dont mean to talk shyt about them but it just really hurts like im the only one i can depend on that no one gives a damn ....maybe i haven't met the right people i dont know but i do a lot to please my friends there needs and wants over mine always because im nice n its hard for me to say no sometimes. im so tired of being run over and used because past my friends i got some shyt on my plate n its getting pretty full i cant keep shoveling it in and saying **** it **** happens i guess (shaking my head).
JustGiveMeAChance JustGiveMeAChance
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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

lol well thanks much :p. i understand that i just wish someone would be there to because they care bout me and me them you know?

Love the way you spell sh*t. Honestly you may have people you can rely on in small ways or big. But at the end of the day you have you live with yourself. You have to depend on yourself and no one else.

yeah but people here in my opinion kind of suck i never get a chance n i give millions

lol da kool kids alright got it boss :p i keep a open variety but thanks for the advice, High school differs between all of us and for me im just a known ghost.