No True Friends

I'm a teenager its first year in high school I have no real friends.I have aqaintences but no REAL friends.I always feel sooo lonley.One of my "friends"from middle school goes 2 my new school too and he's made TONS of friends idk how.When I try to talk to my mom about it she just says if you just stand there in the corner and don't talk to anyone yoir not gonna make friends you have to be outgoing.I'm not and outgoing person for one and I try talking to people I know a good amount of people but they're not my friends.For example if I'm outsick for a couple days some people might ask where I was but 9 times out of teen not a lot of people won't notice.My friends from middle school whom I still talk to have made friends and they talk about it and stuff and I just feel sad.Lunch is depressing most of the band kids(I'm in band)sit on one side of the cafeteria well I thought I had some friends and I try sitting with them but its hard to get a word in edgewise and I don't think one of them likes me.Other girls tend to not like me very much idk why.Most of the friends or aquintances I have are guys.The table I. Sit at is all girls.Ivde always felt more comfortable around guys for some reason. At the table it sit at they always talk about this group of guys and the girl that I don't think likes me picks the table so we will be near them but she just stares at them the whole time.I don't get this.Why not just go and talk to him ?They are seniors and we are freshman but I've talked to seniors befor besides them being older its not much diffrent than talking to anyone elese.They have pretty good advice and funny stories about teachers stuff that's happened etc .Even if you don't have a realtionship or anything you can atleast talk to him instead of stalking .She caalls herself a stalker like its a good thing...I find it a lil creepy.Anyway I started sitting here so I wouldn't be in just a clique of band kids and so I could branch out.I think that know I'm just more of an outcast to the band. Kids and also an outcast at the the table I sit at.
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Don't think of yourself as an outcast. Everyone is thrown into the world together lol. I would try bringing a friend or someone your know from band over to a different table to try and branch out elsewhere. Either way, don't get too bummed about this stuff, lots of things change after high school! Try to talk a little bit to everyone you can and eventually you'll know everybody.