well im definitly going through a very weird year.. i just feel soo alone and misunderstood.. all my friends or so called friends do is start crap and create all this drama.. i just feel like i dont fit in anymore,, hopefully this is just a phase.. but if it is then it is a pretty long one. It has been one heck of a  lonley year.
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It's safe to say that all of us here feel the same way, especially me. I recently lost, really, the only two people I had ever properly bonded with and found out they don't give a crap about me and looking back... they never asked me once how I'm doing. :( However ! you have a silver lining in the form of us on EP to talk to whenever ! from one lonely person who doesnt fit in to another. Oh but don't forget, there will always be someone out there that was destined to be your best friend. There is someone out there just like you. Good luck with your future

I feel the exact same way everyday. I'm a soph. in high school, and well my entire life i've basically always been the odd one out. I dont drink, smoke, or date a diff. guy every week so I dont keep friends well because of that. In fact, guys dont think of me more than a friend, ever. It's hard because in middle school i was bullied so it kinda made it more clear to why I wasnt liked, but in high school i dont have that problem anymore. But, it feels like i do. Also, even on days where everything is just going great I still feel left out. Like there's something missing. I wish i could tell you what it is, but i just dont know what it is yet. Just make sure that you focus on your grades and not so much friends because at the end of the day it's your grades that colleges look at. and if you ever need anyone to talk to im here :) the best thing in life is to sometimes just vent.

I've had a bit of an off-year myself at college. Havent bonded with people as well and am often alone. Advice from a guy whos knows how you feel is just dont let it pour into other areas of your life and to tell your "friends" that you feel left out (which I have done also) and to get rid of the notion that you are the victim of this loneliness. Wish you well.