M Too Jelous People With Friends

i mooved from my own island to male for study purpose. i thought i can get better friends with home i can share my life but i was wrong i was always alone i didint get a close friend every one just lies and want use me. after completing my o level i join FHS to become a nurse. i got a friend her home is near mine we both go to colleg together and return back together. one day she ask me to give tiution to her cousin as i need money i agreed. according to the shediul all the night i go her home to give tiution. one night her sister told me what she has talken about me. i cant beleive. i felt so shy and can not make any eye contact with her sister. so i think better not to have friends as the closed people lies.

winglessbutterfly1992 winglessbutterfly1992
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 18, 2009

honesty and truth are but old and gone. the world is a very sad and cold place, thats why so many people seek methods to escape the reality that is this world. basically, the world is really dark.