Whenever I See My Class Mates Make Plans

i feel like such an outcast, they're always making plans on friday nights, to go to bars, go to some *******'s party and get  drunk and take advantage of the drunken chicks there and they dont even bother to aknowledge me in their convesations, it's like, there's a circle of 6 blokes there, im it, were talking about sutff, and all of asudden they change the conversation to where they are going that night, and they dont even look at me for a response, it's not like im dying to go but they know i like to drink too, so at least an invitation!

bunch of bastards.

there it is, im friendless, its saturday night, and the high point of my evening was watching serena Williams lose on the US open.

Vivec Vivec
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5 Responses Sep 12, 2009

I've been there ! And people are the same EVERYWHERE

So you sortof feel like you've done this to yourself. Not that that's a bad thing, I'm just saying... you don't go the extra mile to pretend to be someone you're not.<br />
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Humans are a petty bunch. They care not the reason for anythng, only that it "is".

well mate, apparently you got have something to offer to the group, like, be good looking so the girls approach, bring money for the beer, bring the girls, i don't know.<br />
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since i am a cynic, and don't try to hide it when i'm around people. people refuse to include me in their plans because of it, i cannot participate in their mind numbing conversations about nothing, and they see me as a snob, and that's what i am.<br />
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i try to act like i'm a cool guy, but it's not enough anymore. and i'm still alone.

I had that sort of thing happen to me a lot when I was a teen, even into my early 20's - basically my entire life on the social scene. Now I'm married and could care less (well, I still don't have any friends really).<br />
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So why do you think they acted that way? Honestly? I"m curious because I was treated that way too; maybe not that blatant but along those same lines.

hey when I was young I had some friends who didn't like going out, well I started going out by myself. Sometimes I would look at my watch and look at the door as if I was waiting for a friend to come along. I actually made a couple of friends out clubbing who used to go by themselves too. It is a matter of forcing yourself to go out alone. Mind you I did feel a bit of a loser going out by myself to bars and clubs but WTF I went anyway.