I Want A Friend!

I recently started college and am now living away from home. i feel so lonely here! people are nice, but i feel like the people i would want to be friends with or hang out with dont feel the same way. I am a pretty quiet person so it is hard for me to just go up to people and start talking to them. I am very homesick, and lonely, and really wanting to find someone to hang out with. It is halloween night and i am by myself. I am really depressed and lonely.

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Hey! Here is a smilie. ^-^ Cheer up! When ever you see or feel yourself frowning, tell yourself you look best when you smile. :D

I can understand you. I know in what situation you are !. You know, I'm not too 'religious' but believe in God. So, since I'm alone, I used to speak to Him. Maybe, if you could do the same, it would give you some 'hope'. Hope things will be better for you. Good luck.

I hated my first semester of college. I was homesick (even though I only lived an hour away from home), I missed my parents, my girlfriend, my friends. I remember feeling so out of place at school. I had some friends, but they weren't my "type," so to speak. The thing you have to learn is, the people who are your friends at the start of school will not necessarily be those closest to you by the time you graduate. Just say yes to everything: parties, invitations to hang out, etc. <br />
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I am very shy too and have a hard time making friends, but if you put yourself in social situations (even ones that seem boring at first) you find that you meet people you will keep in touch with long after college is over. (I graduated 14 years ago, and people I met my sophomore year are still some of my closest friends in this world.) Just engage people, ask them questions if you feel shy (since people love to talk about themselves) and don't feel like you have to "fit in" anywhere just yet. That will all come in good time. For now, just open yourself to everyone, and the good ones will be the ones that stick with you.

yeap cellphones and headphones are a social killer

I am late posting to my own post!<br />
Anyways, I would like to thank you all for your advice! I really am sencerialy thankfull to all of you! I've already made some small changes such as hanging around more social areas and not wearing my headphones everywhere. Hopefully I will start seeing some progress. <br />
Thank You all again!!

i think im late for this but i hope you feeling better today. just have patience, all the puzzle pieces will come together. being quiet is no excuse believe me! if the person is quiet, friends will come from left and right and if the person is non-shutup talkative person they will go to other people. and is always better to have a 1 friend that really means somenthing than a whole bunch that are so so. it reminds me, im a very quiet person myself and when i got to college i met a lot of people, really cool friends, hang out with them all the time and have really good times but only one or two are the true friends, the ones that will do anything to see you happy. the ones that will slap you when you are being stupid hehe. the ones that will not let you being in trouble but will try to. just be patient, everything happens for a reason.