I Do Not Have Any Good Friends

I do not have any good friends and would love to have lasting friendships with people who can help me in all aspects of life and i would like to help them back. Is anybody there?

voox voox
41-45, M
3 Responses Jan 18, 2010

Hi voox, im goin thru the same thing. And i wanna help u. My so called friends r jerks and never talk to me so im hoping i can find true friend who r like me and dont have any friends either.

hi there voox.I totally understand how ur feeling.I have gone my whole life with very few friends.The ones that I thought were my best friends r the ones who moved away and never kept up contact.Having raised 5kids by myself most times a friend would of bn nice.It really sucks when u have no-one 2talk 2.When u reach that stage where u have 2get out of the house and when u do u say well where am I gonna go cause u dont have anywhere else.My best friend now is my daughter.Now she has grown up and has a family of her own I can tell her anything,well pretty much anything.Least on this site u can open up so good luck.It is not good when u feel totally alone in this world.Take care

Hi Voox. I have what I would call somewhat useless friends. I used to have some very close friends through my church. I had even moved in with one of them at a time when I was in a crisis. I shared a very close friendship with her and I feel she helped me a lot but then I fell ill with Clinical Depression and lost my job. She decided I had a demon and kicked me out. I saw her a few times after that but things weren't quite the same. Later I learned she married to some wierd cowboy guy from the church and moved to Utah. By the way, we were not Mormons.<br />
These days I only have my husband and a guy who has ADD as a friend. I'm hoping that when I return to college in a few weeks that I will find some companionship. I can definitelt relate to what you are saying.