im 15, and im new to this high school now. Iv been here a month and still i dont hav any friends. i sit at this table with all these girls who have so many friends, and i just sit there listening to them talk. i know one girl in the group, but i can never really talk to her cuz shes always talking about her ex and other things that i hav no idea about, so i cant really say anything. at first it seemed lik i had a few friends....there were a bunch of guys i would talk to at the begginning. but they only said hi cuz they thought i was pretty, and just moved on. i never talk in any of my classes. im not awkward and shy....idk wats wrong with me. but its been going on every day and i really dont think i can stand it anymore. and the worst part is, the people i sit with at my table feel sorry for me, cuz they know about it. my life sux. im jelous of everyone who isnt me. i used to be so happy with all these friends, but that ended a while back. im hopeless. my life sux. help

runawaydarling runawaydarling
13-15, F
Feb 15, 2010