No Dreams Left

I recently got married. For me this was a big thing. I always wanted a husband and babies.. and now I have the husband and hopefully soon the babies... but what do I do with my life now? I dont have career prospects.. I dont have anything I wish to study.. I just don't know what to do What if the babies never come.. I cant just wait around for them. And even if they do come... I cant just live my life for them. I want to acheive my goals and dreams.. I just dont know what they are anymore.

CindyDane CindyDane
31-35, F
4 Responses Dec 10, 2009

I know exactly how you feel. Like the person who said to think of what you REAAALLLYY want to do and do it? That's the problem. I've really thought about it. I talk about it once a week with my consigliere; there're plenty of things I can do if I want, I just don't see the point in alot of them.

there is time for everything. children are like an investment in your life. the reward comes after youve raised them. dont worry youll have time later to pursue dreams. just think of it like this, each day you come a little closer to the end of your rainbow.when its time again, you will dream your dreams.

I agree you might have some early signs of depression. I think that might be natural after just getting married. There is that huge high and then a let down afterwards. It will take time to regroup and change your focus after you have dreamed so long of being married. Best of luck. I am sure you have something to contribute to this world besides being married. And if that is all you have to contribute what a great job- loving someone well. How honorable. You should take courage in that.

You maybe showing some early signs of depression. The lack of goals and dreams is usually a part of the whole expereince of depression. It might be worth reading some on it and then determining if that really is the sase for you. One of the best books is "Feeling Good" by David Burns.<br />
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I wish you well on your future adventures and may the path be full of pleasure and excitement..