And Then There Was One.

I had one friend. She stayed with me for five years, she was a great person.
I almost fell in love with her. If not for the fact she was a lesbian, I would have fallen for her most likely.
She and I joked a lot, we had closely similar senses of humour. We liked a lot of the same games, food places, and we could talk about how we felt to each other and nobody would be shallow and dull about it. She was the only one who cared. And it was near her birthday. I figured out an embarrassing secret about her, and at that point she ended our friendship. She would not talk to me. She most likely assumes I am how I was; back in the darker stages of my life, that I would go and make a big telling of it. Though, I would not have criticized her, or told anyone...
That being said, I am now as alone as I was before I met her, and I suppose now this gives me a reason to actually go and write something.

Apologies for anyone who reads the book I am writing, because it is written based on how I feel, and right now it may be quite depressing.
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1 Response May 22, 2012

What was such big embarressing secret that she'd dump a friendship of 5 years?

Ha, Ironic that now after these years, your kind of into that now. Sorry about losing your friend though.