Petless By Choice.

when i was a child we always had pets around us,they were nearly always dogs.when you are a family it is a lot easier to look after animals.there is always someone home to keep them company & after school the kids like nothing more than coming home & playing with or walkig with the dogs.but when you get older & live on your own things change.i really miss having a dog around,they are such good company.but it would be unfair to leave a dog all day long on its own while i'm at work.i also only have a fairly small garden,an overactive puppy would tear it to bits if it had nothing better to do all day,...& then theres the other concern of his toilet business,i really dont fancy coming home from work to find my nice little garden covered in little smelly doggie land mines!.

for the moment i have to say,.....i'm petless by choice.


clayantony clayantony
41-45, M
Feb 28, 2010