Not For Lack of Trying!

I've always want my ears pierce... not just the lobes... but along the ear cartilage too, maybe with a thin chain hanging from them, like the rock-stars have. BUT, in order to move to that point, you have to start with the earlobes. :-)

I did get my ears pierced... but I have freakish healing! I did everything right, following the instructions for care, I rotated the studs in my lobes and dabbed on rubbing alcohol... once a day. When it was time to remove the studs, I did and bought myself some pretty earrings. I wore them for one day, took them out. The next day, my earlobes were healed! I couldn't but anything back in them. :-(

SO, I tried again, many months later, getting my earlobes pierced again. I thought maybe I didn't use enough rubbing alcohol, last time, so I drenched my lobes in it, and rotated the studs twice a day. It made it worse! My earlobes healed over the studs! And I had to get a doctor to remover them. And that's when I quit. =p

No piercings for me. :-/

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1 Response Mar 3, 2009

Aaghh! I was not prepared for that level of gore! =O<BR>Put a warning on it! *lol* =P