Holistic Approach

I am not in the best of health but I feel I am normal. I am finding ways to boost my health after recently I had to be hospitalized on account of  an infection. Well I guess that has been my wake up call. I have not been providing the adequate care my body required. I was exercising, eating the right kind of food but I think it was not enough to counteract the harm my mental stress was causing. I have been studying about a branch of Indian medicine called "siddha" which basically has its motto "Food is medicine". Right way and right form of eating can help you prevent diseases. Recently I got hold of a book on naturopathy which has got me intrigued. One thing that amazed me in that form of medicine is fasting while ill. Dr. Dewey says "food in illness nourishes the illness and not the patient".The basic principle of naturopathy is "it is the nature that heals not the physician or medicines".
Sometimes only pills are the not the solution to everything. You need to have a whole some approach when dealing with a disease process how ever minor it may be.
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