Matter Of Choice

I tried to pierce my ears twice.  Somewhere along the line my 12-year-old self decided it would be a good idea.  I pestered my mom until she promised to let me get them pierced for my 13th birthday.  I wasn't mature enough to care for them right, they got infected...end of song.

A few years later I tried again...only my timing was off.  I chose to do it shortly before being diagnosed with a screwball form of leukemia.  The ears got infected again 'cause I was too sickly to care for 'em.

Two tries, two bad infections...I'm probably not gonna go for a third time. 

As for tattoos...just no.  I've toyed with the idea a time or two, something small and easily hidden...but just no.  With my propensity for weird, unlikely side effects to "simple" things...just no.

I have no problems with those who want to pierce and/or tattoo themselves; it's just not for me.
MossAgate MossAgate
31-35, F
1 Response Aug 10, 2010

Yeah I'm not pierced and i have no tattoo but i do want one or both. But when it comes down to getting it done i don't I'm still toying with the ideal of it .