Story Of My Life

I used to keep wondering where it all went wrong. Until about five years ago in high school , I was this relaxed, arrogant, impulsive bully with a lot of friends. Now I'm this lonely, stressed, anti-social freak university graduate with zero close friends and flirting with unemployment and bankruptcy. I used to keep wondering that, but not any more.

Whatever I'd done in the past, I'm over it. The big question now, is how to be 'normal' again. At times, I feel like a ghost. I go about my daily life and nobody cares in slightest what I did or how I felt. Yeah well, I suppose the night is darkest just before the dawn.

It's simple - I want friends. Someone whom I can write to, keep in touch with, share stuff. Something that I can look forward to after a long day. I know for sure ,that this is the best solution.

I wonder if anyone else feels like this? If so, add me to your circles. Let's do this together.

LaDefense LaDefense
22-25, M
2 Responses Mar 2, 2012

Hi I hate to sound the way this is comming out but, you were a bully in school and whatever you did u said you over it. I wonder if those you bullied are over it or live with the side effects daily. Life is something that what u put out there comes back to bite you later on. I don't wish you any harm but you are reaping what you sewed. Loneliness is like a sickness I really hope you find a friend who will be there for you real soon.

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