Alone In The Dark

Since the first day, I have been alone. At one point, in the midst of my first year in homeschooling, I thought a lot on relationships, friendships, the lot.
I didn't know anyone. Before homeschooling, I didn't even know anyone. Though, I did have one friend. Her name was Revianne, and I loved her as if she were my sister.
One day, not long ago, I discovered an embarrassing secret about her. She remembers me for who I was; she thought I would tell everyone, make a big show of it. I had no plan to criticize her... She meant something to me. She was my only friend.
That day, as she drove from my place, was the last day I saw her. Since then, the last time she said anything was an email saying she doesn't want to talk to me anymore.
Ever since then, I have been alone. Nobody lives around here, aside from the elderly people, and they do not share very many of the same interests as I do. Thus, I stay here, I write. It is easy to type. Talking to people isn't easy. I go to new towns, and everyone seems to be doing their own thing, I can't see where someone would want me bothering them. It is true what they say, in the real world, unless you are rich or popular, you aren't accepted. Or at least, it seems that way to me.
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