I Feel So Alone

i'm depressed and just need someone to talk too, i feel as if no matter who i talk too whether its my boyfriend, parents or friends no-one understands. recently i've had suicidal thoughts. i feel as if no-one would care and no-one would notice. but its getting serious for me now, i really need someone to turn too that i can talk too, and i dont know who that is :( i feel like im in the wrong all the time, even my own family have had enough of me, my boyfriend doesnt listen and just seems to think its a joke, im 16 is it even normal to feel like this? my parents seem to think its all in my head for attention, i need help.
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

I feel your pain girl. I have struggled with the same feelings for most of my life. No one seems to get it. The only way for me to get through those times is to focus only on what I really want, and say **** everyone else.