Lonely And Stranded...nowhere To Go.

I feel like I am invisible and no one to talk to. I have been without a girlfriend for sometime now. I literally don't have friends of my age group around me; I have tried to socialize in different ways, but I guess I am destined to be alone. I feel like crying out loud and reach out to SOMEONE out there who can understand my predicament. It is hard being in a small, conservative town and people can be quite rude to new comers. I never believed that I could be depressed in this way EVER. Having a full-time job with no significant other, it has been like passing through hell for the past few months. All I need is a friend, someone to talk to, feel loved/cared and share my feelings. I am sure there are people like me out there who feel the same way as I do . I don't know what to do...hope to hear from someone!

bhulonath bhulonath
26-30, M
Mar 6, 2010