My Two Grandchildren

My son decided that all of his children's names would start with S. His name is Scott his wife Stephanie, and my two grandkids Sebastian and Sebrina.
When Sebastian was very little and sebrina just crawling around he could'nt say her name so he called her Bina! That's what I call her too, she's absolutely beautiful. Now, one day she got mad at Sebastian and yelled  "You Bastian!  No, the parents dont curse!  She has called him Bastian ever since LOL.

Sebrina and Sebastian received their booster shots a couple of weeks ago. When the nurse gave Bina her shot Sebastian Yelled at the nurse "Why did you have to do it so hard!!!  That hurt her, you are so mean!!!  He was so mad they had to take him back later for his own shot.

Bina is only three but, when Sebastian got very sick she went to the kitchen and made him lunch.  She took her little step stool and put cheese squares, yogurt snacks, grapes, crackers and a cup of apple juice on it. When she came walking in with that stool all decked out for her brother it was the sweetest thing I ever saw.
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Mar 9, 2011