My Daughter

I have two sons and am extremely devoted to both of them. As much as I regret it, I am not the birth mother of either of them, although I couldn't love either one of them any more if I had been. My children are my children, and it doesn't matter that they didn't grow inside of me. What matters is that each one of them loves me and has accepted me as his mother, and I love each one of them and have accepted each one as my child.

While still young, I was pregnant three times and lost all three of the pregnancies early on. This was very hard for me, since I love children and had aways wanted to have at least two, more if I could. The first two lost pregnancies were straightforward, very early in the pregnancy. The third one was a little further on and I wound up in the hospital for a few days. This time I was far enough along to know the baby was a girl, and this made it even harder to lose her. I had grieved over the other two, but not as much because I hadn't known anything about them except that I was pregnant. But this time they could tell me the baby was a girl, which made her so much more real to me than the other two had been. It's hard to explain, but just being able to visualize a daughter growing up made this loss infinitely harder than the other two! Not knowing anything about the first two babies, I had not even thought of naming them, but this baby...this was my daughter! I could give her a name! The hospital staff were very understanding and helpful to me, so my unborn daughter left this world with the name Bethany Rose. Had she lived to be born, she would have been born around Christmas of 82. She would have been coming up on her 30th birthday this winter, and might even be married with kids of her own by now.

Bethany Rose, I will always remember you and love you. I will always miss sharing your life with you and helping you grow into a beautiful, caring woman. I stll carry you in my heart and always will. I still keep you in my prayers. I hope that one day, through the grace of God, I will get to meet you, my beloved angel. All my love, Mom.
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I, too, have a daughter in memory only; she would have been 27 this year... Bethany Rose will one day be in your loving arms. Until then, God bless and watch over both of you...

I have no words to say,except that this just made me breathless............