I'M Young But...

You know all those little girls that play dolls with the children and the parents and that perfect family? I never did that so now that I'm older its kinda hitting me and (I'm not saying I want a child at the moment but I know the names!)

Boy: -Nathaniel Delano Moroni Capitolious Lindgren Delemos
(It's long I know and I'm trying to cut it down it used to be 7 names but its for my great grandpa Carl Richard Moroni Capitolious Lindgren and my grandma Wayne Delano Mount related to Franklin D Roosevelt)
Girl: -Cecilia Anna Rose Delemos (Last names are both from my bf haha I needed to think of last names soo)
JojoLMitchell JojoLMitchell
18-21, F
Aug 26, 2013