Hiiiiiiiii(: I'd like some suggestions of middle names to go with the first name James. I was thinking perhaps:

James Andrew
James Michael
James Coleman
James Parker
James Christopher
James Brandon
James Matthew

But I'm open to suggestions(: please comment if you will. And also let me know which of these above names you like best! Thank you and have a blessed day!(:
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I like James Brandon!:)

Thanks:) I like that one too. That's his fathers name is Brandon:) James is after my late grandfather and I always swore I would name my first son after him:)

Aww how sweet! That sounds like a great name!! :-) whens the baby comin?

Thanks:) and I don't really know the exact date lol I just have a feeling that it would be a son. My fiancé keeps insisting we're having a girl first haha something is messed up lol it's usually vice versa :-)

Aww how sweet!:) hahaha maybe he\'s the \' girl\' of the relationship!:P thats how my parents are! Lol my mom likes violence and all that guyish stuff and my dad likes the lovely emotional stuff! Ahhaa

If we had a girl first then her name would be Isabella :) and I'm about 90% sure her middle name would be Grace(:

What a sweet combination!:)

Hahaha :P well both of us are very tender hearted! Lol I never thought I would meet somebody as tender hearted as I am! I'm an emotional train wreck at times! Lol. But he just loves me through it(:

Thanks :)

To sweet! xD hope i find someone like tht! And totally!

Awwww I'm sure God has that perfect guy out there for you :) I'm extremely thankful that I found mine so early because he really helps me tremendously with my depression and whatnot.<333
Thanks :)

Yes im trusting god will bring me the right guy! Im trusting him a lot and have promised myself im saving \' it\' for after my wedding and my first kiss for when they say you may now kiss the bride!:)

That's great! :)
I was gonna do that too until I was fifteen and this one dude just randomly freaking kissed me and I didn't have time to pull away. :/
He wanted more but I didn't let him have that.
I recently did give it away to my fiancé (which is kinda obvious after reading my other story lol) We didn't really plan for it to happen. It just did....

Aw! Im so terrified thats going to happen to me! Like some guy just kiss me! Aww!:)

Well hopefully that won't happen to you!
Lol that made me sooooo mad when he did that. He wasn't respectful to me at all! I'm way better off without him!

Yeah seriously! Wat a jerk!

I know right? My fiancé is very respectful:) he never tried to push me to do anything. He's amazing:) There are still some out there! It may take awhile to find one but they do exist! :-)

I hate people like tht! Its so annoying! Thats really awesome that your fiancé dosnt dosnt do that!:) yes i have one or two guys friends tht dont push and one of em is always alerting me of the guys that do push and what they r sayin ect. Lol i love em:)

Oh I know girl! Me too. And that's good :-) its always good to start as friends first for awhile too. You can really build an amazing relationship from being friends first and just really getting to know each other and whatnot. :)
I'm soooo glad God gave me the right one so early on in life:) it means we have that much more time to spend together<333

Yeah i love em:) im excited to see who God gives me!:) yess! That is awesome when did yall meet,

:) I'm sure he has somebody amazing for you!!! <33
We met last year but feel as if we've known each other forever! :) we are completely honest with each other and we tell each other everything! We are extremely close :)))) He knows stuff about me my own family doesn't even know. Lol.

Im so excited!:)) &lt;33 and thank you!!:)) aww soooo sweet + cool!!

You're welcome :) and thanks :))))) <3333

Yeahh!!:)) hahaha but be warned! Age 13 boys.... Oh my goodness... Hahahhaa my neighbor broke my window earlier today. My bff had her face in the window and we r just lucky she didnt get hurt! Nobody git hurt except him! He had three bad cuts and had to get stitches in two places and his Han was swollen!

Haha oh wow lol glad nobody got hurt too awful bad! :-)

Yeah me to! The first thing he did hen he heard us scream wa make sure we were ok even though his hand was like gushing! He\'s so sweet! Lol i felt so bad!

Aw! Lol

Yeah lol







Haha :)

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