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New Names.

I always go back and forth on my girl names.  Right now I'm feeling alot of love for:











Oh well, my fiance hates every name I pick.

urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin 22-25, F 39 Responses May 1, 2009

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I just created playlists for most of these endings on my YouTube channel, but they're not "released" yet..

Ha ha ha ... Lydia she is then :-D

Aww that is pretty, it reminds me of another name I love, Lydia.


She was abandoned on Naxos after escaping the Minotaur.


"Ariadne"<br />
<br />
From mythology?

I like that name too and Airlea.


Yep it means princess, and so I think that is going to be the name of my first daughter!

I love your name =] Of course I wouldn't butcher the spelling!<br />
<br />
That is a pretty French name.

Well I liked the name Christine Anne-Elise, because I had a great grandmother named Anna and one named Elise.

Annelleise is heartpoundingly hot. The other version is nice too :-)

Haha, I would imagine that is why my mother gave me the most popular first and middle name combination of the eighties!


Oh, we've had heated arguments. Right now you could cut the tension with a knife. He tells me, "it doesn't matter what name you pick because I just don't really 'like' any name" but when I mention a name he gets so mad. <br />
<br />
He told me that when I add the "elle" and "ie" at the ends that confuses him. He only likes short names because he has a very long last name, but I don't like short names, like Amy. I don't like that.

Well, to me, anything with the "elle" on the end is beautiful. I wanted to get Corelle brand plates just for the name.

Thank you Andrew! Arianne is a favortie of mine! I am very into French names. They just sound so feminine.

Oh come on... She's just Adrielle with a letter flipped around :-D<br />
<br />
*KIDDING*<br />
<br />
Inventiveness is how great names come into being so never a serious 'criticism' :-)

OMG that is a beautiful name! Where has it been all my life?? lol!

I had favorite names picked out long before I got pregnant. I didn't use any of them when I had my daughter though. I dreamed of her name when I was pregnant. I loved the name Abrielle. It sounded like a combination of Abby and Gabrielle.

Yeah I am a fan of longer feminine names. The names Sarah, Leah, and Rebekah are also faves of mine.

Ann is another I like, she's just too short... Adding an 'e' doesn't really help matters though... Carole is a name that really benefits from trailing e...

Lol! Well, I have a crush on Noémie right now!<br />
<br />
The thing is, he really doesn't have favorite names. He gets really offended and hostile when we discuss names. Now he is telling me he doesn't care what I name the kids, but I know he isn't being honest =[<br />
<br />
I do know that he doesn't like the name "Ann".

What are his name choices? Maybe the 3 of us can work some magic and come up with something you both like(?)

I'll get someone named Analie over here to straighten him out :-D (Kidding :-D)<br />
<br />
Maybe 'huge crush' was a little of an overstatement, but I -really- like the name right now. I'm new to the name and maybe that helps the name's case :-)

Me too, but as we speak my fiance is criticizing me for it.

Me too... Right now I have a huge crush on the name Analie :-)

Oh, and earlier you mentioned something about "Analie", well I overlooked that. I recently saw someone named Analeigh. Same pronunciation. I like the "Analie" spelling better.

Oh thank you for referring me to that group! Which post of yours did she react badly to??

Oh... I noticed you're not in the Annie group:<br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank"></a><br />
<br />
I will tell you though that the girl in there -really- needs a friend... I tried to be nice to her but she's totally now got it in her head that I'm "the bad guy" (partly because of how I worded one of my posts, and partly cause of a friend of mine's reply to my post-- all this was in a different one of her groups)... I don't know why she created this group of course but maybe having members in her group will brighten her day since she apparently thinks she's boring and thinks no one joins her groups...

Always my pleasure to help the girl in my "La" and "Anneaux" (and "Annually"?) groups...

OMG I love that name Annielle! It is such a beautiful name. It is the perfect combination of my love of the name Annie and the ending "Elle" that I love so much.

I searched EP (for groups) and my own site for names ending in 'ELLE' and 'LIE' and all I really got were the Julie/Julia/Julienne names in addition to Adrielle :-D<br />
<br />
This definitely deserves further study...<br />
<br />
How about Annielle? (who I just made up?) Anjanelle?

Oh that sounds cool! I love names with the "Elle" ending. But the sad part is that my fiance hates them all.

I'm fond of those letters too... My favorite letters are L and D.<br />
<br />
Favorite word is "La", so that factors into names...<br />
<br />
And my (official) favorite name "Elaine" centers on most of those letters...<br />
<br />
How about your take on "Analie"... Thinking about creating an EP group for this one one day as pretty much all of my favorite names have groups at the moment...<br />
<br />
I did something really cool once... Someone had a software program on the Internet where you'd type sentences at her and she'd send you back replies using common word combination found in the sentences she'd seen you use...<br />
<br />
So what I did was I wiped her memory and started typing in stuff like (with the spaces)<br />
<br />
E L A I N E <br />
<br />
S H A R O N<br />
<br />
C A R O L I N E<br />
<br />
A D R I E L L E<br />
<br />
and soon I had her making up interesting female names for me :-)

I love the name Adelie because it has the "elie" at the end and starts with A. All of those letters I am so fond of. I also love the name Arianne.

Of your calls, I really like:<br />
<br />
Amélie/Amelia<br />
Danielle (I also like derrivative Denielle, and I also like Denise... Dani/Dania too)<br />
Adelie (have you thought of "Adrielle"/"Adrienne"?-- "Adrielle" is what I named my first computer)<br />
Leah is ok...<br />
Madeleine is ok...