Well I Have Two But Plan On Having Two More

After having my first boy my wife and I decided names for the two remaining kids she planne don having. Now we have two and plan on having two more using the last two names

Jason Lucifer-3

Iris Luna-1

Terra Marie- second girl unborn

Lucas Gene- baby boy unborn

I know that sounds pretty planned out but so far I am 2/2 in shooting accuracy so even if they don't go as planned I will still have a 50% accuracy at worst:)

Karalas Karalas
26-30, M
2 Responses Nov 21, 2007

thank you. It comes from we wanted to name our second boy after our fathers but no variations of their names sounded right. Both our fathers are huge sci-fi fans. Her dad is more Star Wars mine is More Star Trek so we took the two creators names and found the best possible sounding verison.

I love Lucas Gene :)