Moving Home

While I have many peers I have no close friends, moving home has brought me to the realisation of just how undeveloped my social skills are.

I lack the confidence to meet new people and due to circumstance have become accepting of my self imposed isolation from the world.

DavidFisher DavidFisher
2 Responses Nov 8, 2008

I have always enjoyed my solitude, but there's a fine line where it becomes loneliness.<br />
I envy those who have a lot of friends, go to a lot of parties. That has never been me, nor would I want it to be (well, maybe). <br />
All I ever want is just a few close, deep, meaningful friendships. Not all the shallow stuff all of those outgoing people have.

I am the same. People think I am a snob because I don't socialize but its just cause I am shy, they just dont understand. They don't know how much of anxiety I have just talking to someone. Even to walk down the corridor at work takes alot of effort. I have no confidence, very low self-esteem and so much anxiety. I don't think its a good combination :( So i know how you feel.