Being "the Odd One"

Hmm.. yeah I can definetely relate to that...

Well I'm not complaining, but it wouldn't hurt to have someone to talk to about something interesting. The issue I'm facing is waiting for someone to start a nice conversation with meaning and purpose... Most people only talk about their everyday lives, politics, or how life sucks. I think life is what we make it and how we understand it. If it's bad, like in WAR, sure its bad, but it is how one would cope with a situation that makes you feel well, I think... I always have this philosophy: "if you want a friend, then be a firend" ... I've been nice to the strangest people. I mean I have a hobby of collecting original computer games, I lend them out to people, people I hardly know, (if they want them) just to be nice, - but then they would loose it, brake and so on...  Or even inviting friends for a BBQ - people get drunk, sure, but one does not vandalise another person's house... So yeah if people don't respect my home, or my property, then I could be a jerk sometimes by not keeping in touch with them... I guess I'm in need of a true friend.

xorius xorius
26-30, M
Feb 15, 2010