Then When It All Comes Down To It

I find it difficult to make friends in general. I could say my bf is my only friend, which is sad and makes me think that he may think something is wrong with me. I think this because what would you think of a female or even a guy who had no friends at all? To me its a little contradicting because I don't judge people and I truly don't care what people think. Its just I fear that not having friends labels me in a very not so good way. No kinds of friends, no childhood friends, no current friends, no friends from where I used to live. NOTHING. Perhaps its that I never had friends growing up either. I never had any kind of friends to hang out with or even talk to on a phone or on-line or anything. I really don't know what is wrong with me, maybe everyone is set in their ways and what friends they do have. I'm a good person, I know I be a great friend. Its maybe I don't know how to be one because I never had a real true friend. Or even any. Maybe I just wouldn't know how to act? Birthday mile stones, having a wonderful bf to celebrate with is the best. But I do admit it would be nice to have a group of friends to go celebrate with because going out you see that. EVERYONE is in a group one way or another. I feel well it gets me depressed and I feel so guilty. I saw three girls at work today, customers, and I just sighed I wish I could have that. Just randomly meeting up having coffee and hanging out. I just feel so guilty sometimes that I can't make friends and tell my bf "hey lets go hang with my friends tonight" or something. I'll even take on-line friends just to even have someone to call a friend and talk to.

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we´re on the same wavelength. I feel so lonely towards that. I dunno what´s wrong with me. I am a very likable person, but then real friends, zero.

I know how you feel girl. Were on the same boat only difference is i dont have a gf anymore. since the day i left for the military i think i lost all my friends. im back home now and theyre so childish and immature thats why i barely hangout with them anymore. i just want a friend who i can go grab some lunch or coffee and just talk about anything, hangout on fri and sat nights you know? but no everything is different now im always home on friday nights and its sat night and 11pm ive been here since morning it makes me feel like i have no life anymore even though i already accomplished something. it sucks. i feel you.

I'm like this. I matured in college whilst a lot of people I once knew stayed the same or didn't change what so ever. Also, I changed a lot very quickly which made it hard to for me to "stay connected". Now I look for people a little more mature and like me. There are people I cherish in my life. Friends I would never leave, who were there for me when no one else was. I want to make some true friends that are mature and want to help people like I want to help people.

I understand what your going through!<br />
My boyfriend is my best and really only real friend but sometimes I fear he's afraid to take time for himself because he thinks I'll have nothing to do.<br />
I'm fairly lonely and I don't like clinging to my boyfriend so much.<br />
I don't understand where people make friends, I always envy people who have a best friend they tell everything to.<br />
I wish I had a friend I could call when I'm fighting with my boyfriend lol, or just to hang out with.

Hi Pennylane,
You say you would like a friend you could call when you are fighting with your boyfriend but from my own experience I've learned that you can end up with your friend encouraging you to split up with your boyfriend so you will be more available to her. Then you might be sorry. Nancy Friday writes some good books about these issues (she struggled with them all of her life herself). Reading her books has helped me deal with exactly what you are questioning right now. I, like you, do not have female friends either and when I did it was to complain about our boyfriends. Now we both have a wonderful guy in our life.

I do not have any friends that live in my town. The ones I had all moved away. I keep in touch them on line. Also I have a whole lot more friends on line than I ever had in person.

oh, BTW you can be friends with co-workers, sometimes they are the best friends you can find

we can be online friends:) i like making connections. sometimes, its about going out of your way for someone in a situation that lets them see who you are. opening up and going outside your comfort zone really brings people closer.

I haven't met anyone literally lol. I'll talk to people here and there or co workers. But I mean you can't be friends with co-workers. What is "you haven't met the right people" suppose to mean?

Maybe you haven't met the right people yet? :)