My Sons Diagnoses...

It all started when he was ten and he had bloody diar. and we rushed him to the hospital. He had  colonoscopy and was diagnosed with what they thought was chrohns disease. So we decided to take him to Texas Childrens Hospital. They ruled it as possible IBS and we were much more happy with the diagnoses. Or so we thought..He seemed to do better at 11 and we was 12 the symtoms started coming back...He went from consti[pation to diar..many times a day...which was so weird because he was always constipated...?//??? So we took him back to Texas Childrens and said something is not right..he is late for class, missing school and complaining hes hurting all the time?? So they ordered another colonoscopy...He came back and diagnosed my son Lymphotic colitis we never even heard of it..but he said there was hope he could cure it in 9 to 12 from what i read there is no cure or barely any kids that have it. His legs hurt him all the time...His BP is up 144/76...Hes always tired ...hes been on entocourt 3months now...Before that he was on asacol...the entocourt seems to help but if he forgets one dose hes in pain and on the toilet...My heart goes out to my child..Hes on homebound now and we feel like hes only getting worse...please someone give me hope..
sunshine45678 sunshine45678
31-35, F
May 16, 2012