I Have No Female Friends & I'm A Guy

Hello all.

  I'm a guy from Singapore. I have some friends but all are guys. (ps, I'm not gay) Somehow, I tend not to open up when making friends with the opposite sex. Maybe, it's because I have many bad experiences in the past wooing gals as a teen & got rejected many times till I found my ex. I think somehow I became judgemental or haboured prejudice twds ladies.

I don't hate the ladies. But somehow, I lack the social skills & the mental block to make friends with the ladies. The closest female is currently my mum. Even sometimes, I dont know how to communicate with her. Another one was my ex, we were close in some sense. But she's not very open with me even during the good times. Can anyone advise me on how to make friends with the opposite sex. (purely platonic) . Thank you.
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2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Thanxs for sharing your experience. :-) <br />
You can talk to me on skype if U want.

i dont have female friends<br />
PERIOD<br />
Very few <br />
Have been tomboyish all my entire life, have never enjoyed just chatting on the phone although i love email and IM<br />
have never hung with the girls , have never fit in, no matter how hard I try. They dont hate me , I just dont fit. Ive been told most girls always thot I was a bit snobbish or stuckup til they got to know me<br />
OR that I was high caflutin and they felt inferior. More of the latter<br />
<br />
Whatever the case i have always gotten along with guys<br />
No matter what their hobby , or where they go. So yeah , Ive had lots of dates, never lacked for them, but still have an empty feelin . I want someone i can talk to in REAL time.