I Don't Get It??

If I could even find one close girlfriend I would be amazed...I find making friends in general is really difficult...I mean most people meet each other in high school or college and just remain friends (and good for them)...I have a couple of co-workers that I consider friends but they will call me a "co-worker" to their other friends..I thought I had it all when I was best friends with a gay man (who I met at work)...shoe shopping and beer how fun...but after 8 years of friendship it was over...came to me as a surprise...still haven't completely healed (I will)...I just don't think I fit in with girls...I mean I love shoes and pretty things but when it comes down to what friend really means...it's superficial (even girls that claim to be different)...I am a friend for life (or until advised otherwise..lol (all I can do is laugh about it)) and loyal to a fault and I will tell you the truth about things and I find that most females (and people in general) don't like to hear the truth even when they ask for it...I don't know anymore guess I roam friendless for now - 

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It's unfortunate, but most women I've been 'friends" with outside of ep, were phony and superficial. I wish I could "upload" myself and hang with my ep friends all the time. :)

see your the type of super friend I was talking about earlier...it's too bad that your girlfriends or girlfriend don't get that...so glad to see that you don't give 'em up...I have had real close male friends call me and say sorry I can't talk to you anymore 'cause so and so don't want me talking to you...for the same reasons (of course) but hey sooner than later you will find someone who is self assured and will take on your friends as their own...including Spike! no more crossing only adding!! yea!!

I am the opposite, I used to have about 6 women I was really close to and then things just got in the way (mainly girlfriends jealousy). But there are a few girl friends that I refuse to give up, and that makes the women I date even crazier cuz they think I want to hook up with my gal pals, but alas no, I love them to death and would never ruin a friendship. <br />
<br />
Although I have realized as I get older, I cross more old friends off the list than add new ones. Soon it'll just be me and Spike (my German Shepherd)

PT I will keep that in mind for next time :)!!

windy I know what you're saying in the real world I don't toss the word friend around very loosely, but like PT said it does seem that here people are more receptive to others and that is great...it's weird where I wouldn't care if someone didn't like me in real life or want to add me to their list of friends n real life it it stings when people don't want to add you here...I don't get that

I know you meant the outside world I just didn't want you to sound so down about it thought I'd give you a little pep but hey I know what you mean I mean people in general are really hard but when you are face to face with them it's even harder...didn't mean anything bad by it just wanted to make you feel a little happier for a sec.

yea they can be...most...but not all...guys are just easier to get along with cause it's built in their DNA to be super friends when you need them and even when you don't!

PT you got more friends then you know what to do with and you know it :) lol...I know that the people 'round here think you are the coolest little monkey and though they might not be the closest of friends they may just be what you need right now!!

well the good thing is at least I'm not boo-hooing about it anymore...there was a time when I really didn't get how women could be so cruel to each other...guess it came with age because now I don't go out of my way to make girlfriends...I don't meet people with the intention to be disliked but I can't please everyone...I have been fortunate (since I wrote this) to meet some pretty awesome, very empowered women on EP...it's good to know I'm not the only one -

well said JJ...

So what the heck are we huh? GGEEZZ!! Write one story and forget us already. *giggle* We're here for ya darlin'

I've a hand full of TRUE friends... the ones I know would drop what they're doing if I called on them... I've learned over the years that TRUE friends are hard to come by... I'm not one would call a "social" person and am not exactly approachable so I say I am the way I am to weed out the weak... I only want to be surrounded by the best... those who love me unconditionally... and the only ones that do are the ones who can tolerate me... so... I'm ok with not having many friends...

That's why she is about the only one left. All the others disappeared when I quit putting all the effort in to it.

Wow that's great!! see that's what I'm talking about you can count on her for anything and I'm sure vice versa...for me it's always been they can count on me but not vice versa -

I have one close friend. I've known her husband since he was 16 and was friends with his first wife. Then after they divorced and he met Donna we became friends. She was the jealous type and never had girlfriends, but I just stuck in there. She finally relized that I did not want her husband. My daughter calls him her brother. He's 4 yrs older than her.<br />
Me and Donna have been friends for 10 yrs now and I know I can call on her for anything.