Hangin With the Guys

I have always found it so much easier to hang out with guys. Not sure if its because of the cattiness of some woman and back stabbibg that I have dealt with  or because I just relate more to guys. I have only 2 really close girlfriends.
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This is really weird. I get along fine with my fiancée and my guy friends,<br />
but have very few close girlfriends. I do hang out with a few females but I am just not the girly girl type. I can't sit around talking about makeup all day and gossip about other people. I think that this my biggest pet peeve. I hate to gossip, especially, at work. Don't get me wrong it is very addicted, but all I can think about if Jane is talking behind Sarah's back, then she must be doing the same to me when I am not around. In addition, I would never get anything done at work. I do want more female friends but there are limits for me. I imagine that I do come off as being standoffish but I do not know how to reverse that without doing the "if you can't beat em, then join em" kind of deal.

that's ok we guy will keep you

I too am good friends with my sister, and that's about it as far as female friends go, except for one other college buddy who is very relaxed in a male-ish sort of way, but she got a job across the country, so I don't get to see her much anymore. I know exactly what you mean by the other female relationships feeling forced and awkward...I don't think I've ever been used or pushed aside by my female friends, but we never really seem to click, and I just don't feel motivated to call them back.

I am sort of in the same boat with you. Although I have more than 2 female friends, they are all slightly less attractive than me....and I don't think it's just a coincidence. I guess in my subconscious, I feel like I must be the hottest girl in the room all the time, and it's totally idiotic. It keeps me from having better relationships with my female friends, and I hate it. Do you ever feel this way?