When I was younger I was a bit of a tomboy, and I have never been the picture of femininity anyway - meaning that I don't care much for dresses, and make up and nails, hair, bow and buttons and all that girlie stuff - I am feminine but not overly into the stuff that other girls like such and fashion and stuff. I seem to have always gotten along better with men than women for the most part, albeit probably because most of them wanted to get in my pants - but still...

I have had female friends but in my experience most of the women friends I have had seemed to end up to be b*tches that turned on me when I needed them the most, which is pretty sad that I have to say that but it's true.

I would really like to find a female that I can be friends with that accepts me for who I am and that will be my friend to the end - like me - and not b*tch and ditch when the going gets tough.


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I find this fascinating, considering all of the stories, movies and books about the depth and importance of female friendships. Hmmm.

I've had many female friends, but none last more than a few years. The only female friend that has lasted pretty long is now one of my best friends. She has a strong sense of morality and she is very giving. We get along very well because we are like sisters to one another, we try to take care of each other without setting a sort of competition. <br />
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Over the last couple of years, I've noticed that most females fight or lose their friendship because one is more preoccupied than the other, that one begins to neglect the other's feelings. Or, as I mentioned, a competition begins and the two try to out-do each other. And then there's the male factor, many women lose friendships over men, haha. <br />
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Honestly, I have heard the same from many women -- that they cannot find good female friends. It's pretty common and as many of my guy friends say, "That's women for ya."