And That's Okay... I Think!

I do have a few female friends on EP. They're awesome! But I have triple that amount of friends who are male. That's fine with me! I feel more comfortable around guys, for many reasons. But the most important reason is, I am still tom-boyish! =p

So, while most girls just want to talk about makeup and clothes and cooking and so on... I want to talk about farts and pranks and video games and anime! I never grew up, in this way! And many girls don't get me. And I love horror movies, the bloodier the better! XD

I know, this is stereotyping... I'm sure there are some girls that share the same sentiments... and some guys who enjoy talking about clothes and cooking. But, I don't know... I feel like I don't have to mind my manners as much, when I'm around guys. I can cut a big one and they would think that it's cool! Or maybe that's just Philip. =p

Anyhoo, I do worry... I don't want my boyfriend to ever have to worry about me being around guys. He shouldn't, I'm VERY loyal! But, I know how it doesn't seem right to some boyfriends. XD

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5 Responses Feb 14, 2009

I am so not a Girl girl.

i just have more in common with guys and tomboys

most of my friends are guys and one is a girl but shes a tomboy so we get along just fine

Just be yourself and have a good time.

I know what you mean I have only on female friend and shes a lot like a boy,I I love to talk about the things girls do and I like a good bloody fix as well...Well I had a drage queen friend with your name when I was a lot younger he was kool.