Because They Annoy Me!

At first glance i guess i look like a standard female with the done up hair, little bit of make-up, semi-fashionable clothes.... but on the inside i feel so different. I watch how girls interact, what they talk about it, how the act in relationships... i've seen and heard it all. I had a lot of female "friends" at school and although somewhat enjoyed their company on good days, i really found myself being irritated by everything they did or said. They worry about looks, they worry about boys, they worry about what to wear, they say stupid things, they talk fashion and make-up, they ***** about other girls... i'm like "WTF!?". I know that yeah, there maybe plenty of girls out there who probably hate the girl types that i am also mentioning but the girl type i'm moaning about is the majority of most females. I tend to sway more towards male friends as i feel i understand them more. I have a few female friends to this date who i get on with brilliantly, but on the whole, i'm glad i have my male friends. I wish some girls would just lighten up and get a grip and understand what a REAL problem is. I'm not bitching i guess... i'm just explaining why i joined the group haha.

SammyCymru SammyCymru
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 4, 2010

You spend too long worrying about how you appear to others; you'll lose yourself completely. <br />
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The world prefers individuals, Sammy - stick to being yourself ;-)