It's Nice To Meet You

no one can remember who I am

and if they do they are certainly not interested in being my friend.

I have one very, very close friend. I live with her and her boyfriend. I think he hates me. He doesn't want me to be friends with their friends.

I don't have a car so its difficult to go out. I can hardly get to the grocery store.

Why don't people like me? Why don't people want to be my friend?

I'm good and kind. I'm funny and interesting. I'm not stinky or fat or ugly.

People who I have known for years and went to high school with cannot remember my name, or worse they think its the first time we've met. Oh its nice to meet you, nice to meet you, nice to meet you. Why do they lie?

Why am I so unimportant to anyone?

I spent thanksgiving, christmas, and my recent 21st birthday alone
not even my family wants to be my friend.

I used to think it was by choice I didn't have many friends....but I'm starting to see that I just fade into the background, people don't notice me when I'm on fire and doing jumping jacks in front of them.

I'm so so so grateful for the few friends I do have, but even to them there are more important people to see and things to do.

I wish I didn't care
but it hurts

: (
leddead leddead
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

screw him . keep your head high

Omg....well first off. I think the people, whether family or freinds, that don't pay attention to you, are missing out on a wonderful person.
Second.....There is nothing more important on this earth than close freindship.
Try joining a may meet someone you like, or join a local biking group or other club. Join a bowling legue.
You never know who you may meet. Maybe some good friends that mean alot to you.

I hope this helps :-)

I unfortunately know how you feel. I don't have many friends either, whenever I try to make frends I feel like I'm forcing my friendship onto people. The people I regard as my friends often ask me why I don't have friends, and I keep thinking 'I thought you were my friend'. Evertime I meet someone I like, whether boy or girl, I become so nervous and stressed that I get tongue-tied, and that person loses interest because maybe they find me boring. I know so much about this and that but when I'm with comnfident people I appear dumb. So I know how you feel, and right now I don't even have advice for you. Good luck and GOD bless