No Discipline What So Ever! None!

I just can't lose that 10 lbs! Why or Why!! I don't have the discipline. Can't say no to the Carbs. Must have the pasta and the potatoes and the coke! I hate the exercise.

I feel like such a lazy bum. I even have the body for life motivation to read it! ahhh....I need to lose that 10 lbs. HELP....what do you suggest?

trinitrish trinitrish
3 Responses Nov 3, 2009

LOL... I tried. I'd say diet sodas are the worst. Horrible... tastes like bug spray smells.<br />
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Have you tried Diet Rite? To me, it was the best tasting diet soda by far back when I was doing that thing. No more though. Just not worth it and frankly I think the aspartame is far worse for you than the calories.

And they all taste bad!!!

Whole grain pasta, lowfat toppings and diet coke?