i find i don't really want to sleep because i find it to be a waste of my time not to have my eyes open. i'm thinking of getting a job but i'm afraid i won't commit. i'd make some freinds but i haven't found anyone i've clicked with yet. i would date but i don't have much money. i would go out but theres nothing to do but shop. i'd go to school but leisure classes don't start till january. borring! i need something productive and interesting to do that can do with the internet and ones own computer. any suggestions?
MsIndependant MsIndependant
18-21, F
4 Responses Nov 16, 2007

there is a LOT more that you aren't telling us. a lot!

yes sleep is sooo important , get yours

Guess i know what you mean. Nearly everybody feels that way nowadays. It has to do with the general depression. But you got to sleep. It might even help you...

If i was your age agin i would get into a trade. Lotts of cash, lotts of demand, lotts of men... Your body needs sleep sweety, you can get depressedwith too little sleep. 6-7 hrs every night (best to be at the same time). Volunteer at anything that makes you smile a little.. let your heart, mind & spirit guide you .. best of luck ..

more like 8-10 hours of sleep at your age