My Reasoning

I simply find it unattractive? I am a heterosexual man, and under no circumstances could ever be attracted to another man. Does that make me intolerant? Or, say I met what I assumed to be a woman, and then discovered that she had a penis, would I be a hateful person if I wasn't interested? I ask this because to me I feel the exact same, for lack of a better word, repulsion to tattoos. I could no more be attracted physically, mentally, or spiritually to a woman with a tattoo than I could to a man. And it's not simply a superficial thing. The set of beliefs and values that one must hold to allow them self to modify their body in any way, go beyond that realm to other aspects of a person's life and they way they live. These are things that I have no interest in nor do I want any of them to be forced upon me, any more than I would want to force my way of life on anyone else. To me it strikes me that a person who mods them self hasn't accepted them self for what they are. It's like plastic surgery. I would rather date a "less attractive" woman who hadn't modded herself than a "gorgeous" woman who had her face cut on. I personally prefer a woman to be a little busty. But I would rather date a woman who was flat chested than date one who had implants. Or what about people who cut themselves for attention. No one would argue that taking a knife and putting cuts in your arm is a sign of mental illness. Why is drilling ink into the subcutaneous region of your skin, gauging parts of your flesh or piercing not given that same distinction? What if I said I wanted to lob my leg off below the knee and get a peg leg? Or gouge my eye out and put an eyepatch over it. Doing these things because I like pirates. (I don't, just an analogy) wouldn't that be at least a little bit insane? The only reason I care one way or the other is because I want to find just one woman who would never do that to them self. And there isn't one in all my life that I've ever met who shares my feelings. Otherwise more power to everyone. But there is this psychotic tattoo culture in this country that almost ridicules or belittles those of us who have no interest. Like we aren't really adults or people until we get all inked up. Almost like some primitive rite of passage. I will flat out admit that I really can't find acceptance for body mods on a potential mate, ( any degree of mate, be it casual, a girlfriend, or a wife ) but I see these acts as a lack of acceptance for oneself; and how am I to accept someone if they can't accept them self? And it's something that I would never be able to respect in the other person. Which wouldn't be fair to either party. I am not judgemental about it. I don't like it, but only get really angry about it because its something that I can't escape... and quite frankly feels like I am having it forced upon me everywhere I go. I know if I don't like it I don't have to look, but how is that supposed to help me at all? Especially considering how not looking doesn't help me find someone of the same opinion? And that doesn't even cover the faith based reasoning behind why I don't like them.
Exwalmartian Exwalmartian
26-30, M
Jan 15, 2013