Im Rare I Suppose

I dont have straight teeth. I never did, probably never will. I would get braces, however that would only solve one of the problems. I also have an under bite(and a big nose, to top it off haha!). My first year of highschool was when it really hit me that my underbite well, was there and noticeable. People called me the "girl with the big chin" etc etc. It hurt, the kids on my bus called me a troll. By the second semester of my sophomore year I looked in the mirror and I realized that its not going to change without handing over a huge chunk of change to an orthodontist. My dad claims that he "couldn't afford it" (which is bullshit, btw) and I would have to use a hefty amount of my inheritance to have the whole procedure done which would sacrifice an almost debt free college career. The whole procedure, braces and all was around 20-30 grand. SO I decided to pursue and education instead of straight teeth, which will fall out eventually. Also, thinking of the future as an adult, I thought, do I have 25 grand to spend on my smile when getting a good job will be near impossible without college? that would be foolish. I have a boyfriend right now, and he says he loves my underbite, because it makes me different(yada yada gooey love love) Eventually I just learned how to carry my face, and hold my mouth in a way that would make it look nicer, I pull my underbite off quite I well I think ;)

In conclusion, I have never met or seen in the flesh another person with an underbite, id like to, but I guess its rare. I have a good personality, and in all reality teeth rot and fall out but character does not.
hannahrose hannahrose
18-21, F
Jul 19, 2010