It's Genetic

My mother and I have the same exact two teeth that kind of 'stick out".... Luckily they aren't really that noticeable..just slightly crooked. My dad used to call us "corn teeth",,,, mean mean man! But I rarely went to the dentist growing up and still don't now.  Every time I do get a check up.. everything seems to check out OK. I've never had a cavity. (which is weird)  In school I always wanted  braces.... all my friends had them and hated them.. but I actually wanted them... I would put these tiny hair rubber-bands around my teeth and "pretend" like I had braces. But my mother never had the money or any insurance..So I never got them.... maybe someday. But I'm not insecure about it... if I was, I would of made it a priority to get them straitened... but maybe it gives me character .. who knows.

QueenOfConvenience QueenOfConvenience
22-25, F
Mar 16, 2010