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The Real Kind Of Cool

Let me just be frank with you from the top; I can promise you that in the eyes of today's monkey-see-monkey-do culture, I am far from one of the cool kids.
I do not have a Facebook page.
I do not have a Twitter account.
Why? Because I regard both as only being as popular as they are because somebody said that they are and we all need one; no thanks. I have no need for either. Also,
I do not like football; I know it's by far the most popular sport in this country today, but I find it to be a brainless and destructive excuse for our society to glorify violence. I'll pass.
I refuse to spend two hundred+ dollars on foam pairs of shoes or name brand Nikes or Adidas, or the countless shoes that pro athletes stamp their names on just to get our money. They're not super shoes; they will burn the same as a fifty dollar pair of shoes; please...
If things like these are how this country judges coolness, or 'inness' these days, then I am happily, mercifully UNCOOL. Becuase I have on a pair of shoes that cost under $50 and are reliably comfortable, and keep your feet dry in the rain. I love baseball, because it's a thinking man's game it seems to me, and it takes actuall skill to play; imagine that. I love to read actual, physical books, and not the shallow 'in' titles like Hunger Games; nope, I like reading biographies and history books and thoughtful fiction; who'da thunk it.
EP is the only social networking site that I frequent, and it's actually because I enjoy the smart conversation and respectful exchange of opinions. Not because of popularity or how many friends I can aquire.
Now it's these things that I judge as being 'cool', because I am an independent thinker whose opinions are my own and not some trendy thought process, and to me, that is the real kind of cool...
DIYman DIYman 22-25, M 2 Responses Nov 3, 2012

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I hear ya! The things that are considered SO cool are not all that. For instance, I do have a Facebook account but it doesn't run my life in that I have to check every 15 minutes for updates and let folks know when it's time for a bathroom break. It's nice to keep up with old high school friends. A couple of times a week is fine to check out what my friends are posting. I refuse to post pix of myself and only post articles of interest or satirical cartoons to express my mood or opinion of a subject. Interestingly enough, the majority of my Facebook friends do the same.

Let me tell ya... we ARE two of a feather, DIYman. I look at shoes the same, like WTH? $175 for those?? get real. I am very happy with my comfortable cheapies from Wal-Mart, and that means $155 more in my pocket.
Baseball IS a thinking man's game, exactly; so are you an O's fan, or a Nats fan?
I am a fan of the entire game, it's history, it's slowness of season, but my fav. team is St. Louis, in the NL and the Rangers in the AL. Sooo, imagine the nirvana I was in last year when these two met in the W.S.? A win-win, definitely.
Happy you are so comfortable in your skin, as an independent thinker too.

I like you more the more I read about you.

Hey thanx a million Xinman! Yeah I'm with you totally; I mean those super expensive shoes are batshit ugly, so if anything there's a reason not to waste your money on them lol
and yeah baseball is definately a thinker's game and i love every day of the season; actually I'm a Phillies fan, so kinda tough year for us. Again, thanks for your kind words brother!