We are more like a dysfunctional Addams family.

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LMFAOO<br />
<br />
converted chicken coup hahahahahahahahaha

Oh we have some redneck people on one side too. We went to my cousin's hear and she took us to an extended members home. It was a converted chicken coup. I was freaked out the entire time.

i got a mix bread of family lmao, redneck on side and the other snobby and ungreatful biotches (that includes the men)

lol haha oh wow...freaky?

Hehe! I am afraid to fit in because I have some freaky siblings lol

i would do the opposite of what i would usually do then, that way id fit in more :D

lol i am nothing like my family. <br />
<br />
i am definetly the black sheep.

LOL it is weird. I am the only odd ball.

i would consider that fun...lol